November 12, 2018

HHC Evaluation Report

Homeless Healthcare’s first comprehensive evaluation report undertaken by researchers at the University of Western Australia has been released today.

Since its small beginnings in 2008, Homeless Healthcare has made massive strides in providing healthcare and support to a vulnerable population group that often falls through the cracks of the health system. This is a patient cohort with highly complex health and psychosocial needs, often compounded by trauma. The demand for the type of specialist homelessness GP care provided by HHC is growing, with hospitals and homelessness services across Perth continuing to see many people who are homeless with complex health needs and without a GP.

Overall the report highlights the need to simultaneously address health and housing:

It is futile to simply patch up the health of people who are homeless while their health continues to deteriorate without a safe and stable place to sleep or call home. – Dr Andrew Davies, HHC

HHC Evaluation Report

Summary Report