February 12, 2015


Help us to help those that need it most.


It is very easy to walk past a homeless person and think that it is not your problem. Homelessness, however, is much more complex that the scruffy homeless man living in the street. Homelessness can be divided into 3 main categories:

1. Primary homeless- homeless person living on the street.

2. Secondary homeless- people living in temporary accommodation such as at a friend’s house

3. Tertiary homeless- those that live long term in homeless shelters

There are over 13,500 homeless people on any given night in Perth.

The largest group of people who are homeless are women and children who have been involved in Domestic Violence and are now living in temporary accommodation. Whether we like to admit it, homelessness touches many of our families at some point in our lives. One of the most disturbing things that comes out of the international literature on homelessness is the poor state of health of homeless people. Most medical problems are more common homelessness people regardless of which category they fall under. The average life expectancy of a homeless person is about 45 years.

Poor health exacerbates homelessness and results in a cycle where being homeless results in poor health and poor health keeps a person homeless. Unfortunately many homeless people have had previous poor experiences with healthcare and as they are preoccupied with basic survival, health care is often low on their priorities.

Homeless Healthcare (Mobile GP) has been set up as a not for profit charity to provide healthcare to homeless people. We work with welfare organisations to provide total healthcare addressing the psychological, social and physical aspects of health. The aim being to assist the individual move from the cycle of homelessness back into a “normal” lifestyle.

The Australian healthcare system was not set up to tackle the healthcare problem of homeless people.

To enable us to continue our good work we require not only the assistance of government but individuals like you.

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