February 12, 2015


There is increasing evidence that homeless and marginalised people who have recently been housed have the same health problems as they did before they were housed. This puts them at high risk of returning to homelessness.

The aim of the Transitions Clinic is to provide a more structured clinic in a fixed location with staff who understand the issues faced by newly-housed people.

By continuing to address their wide range of health issues and providing support to newly-housed people, we aim to assist them into stable housing and eventually link them into mainstream health services.

Clinic Timetable (As of March 2019)

Transitions by Mobile GP   316 Lord St, Highgate WA 6003
Monday 1.00pm-5.30pm (by appointment)
Tuesday 1.00pm-5.30pm (by appointment)
Wednesday 1.00pm-5.30pm (by appointment)
Thursday 9.00am-5.30pm (by appointment)
Friday 1.00pm-5.30pm (by appointment)