February 12, 2015

Medical Recovery Centre

Modern hospital care has changed. With initiatives such as hospital-in-the-home, people tend to be discharged from hospital much earlier than they have in the past and hospital stays now tend to be much shorter. In order to cut costs, patients are often discharged from hospital when they no longer require a hospital bed but are too sick to survive on the street. Unfortunately, without a home to stay in, homeless people cannot access the services that enable shorter stays in hospital resulting in high rates of unplanned readmission.

As an alternative to these expensive hospital stays, Homeless Healthcare would like to set up and run a recovery centre where homeless people can have their health needs addressed when they do not require the full services of a hospital but are not yet well enough for life out on the streets. Several US studies have shown that Medical Recovery Centres are responsible for substantial reductions in hospitalisations and hospital readmissions. Such a service will save the health system valuable taxpayers' money.