February 12, 2015


Drug and Alcohol Therapeutic Communities give a person with substance dependence the chance to develop life skills and teach them how to become free of their dependence. Most offer a 3 month live-in program which can be extended if need be.

A large proportion of homeless people have drug and alcohol dependence issues.

People with drug and alcohol dependence issues are marginalised by society. The health problems they difficulties they face and experience when trying to engage with mainstream health services are the same as homeless people.

We now provide General Practice clinics in a number of Drug and Alcohol Therapeutic Communities using a similar model to that which is used in our Drop In Clinics. After completing their residential stay, patients are able to access our Transitional clinic until they are well established in the wider community and feel comfortable accessing mainstream health services.

Clinic Timetable

Harry Hunters 2498 Albany Highway, Gosnells, W.A. 6110
Thursday 2.00pm - 5.00pm