Hospital discharges to ‘no fixed address’ – here’s a much better way

The Conversation, November 14, 2018 6.03am AEDT Why treat people and send them back to the conditions that made them sick? – Michael Marmot, The Health Gap, 2015 “Homelessness is one of the most intractable and complex problems facing cities around the globe,” says my colleague Dr Jim O’Connell from the Boston Health Care for the Homeless[…]

Inaugural Homelessness and Health Forum

On Friday 9th of November the University of Western Australia and Homeless Healthcare hosted the inaugural homelessness and health forum held at The Platform in Perth. The forum bought together key leaders in the homeless-health field including HHC’s Director Dr Andrew Davies and was timed to coincide with Dr Jim O’Connell from Boston Health Care[…]

Homeless Healthcare’s first comprehensive evaluation report

Homeless Healthcare’s first comprehensive evaluation report undertaken by researchers at the University of Western Australia has been released today. Since its small beginnings in 2008, Homeless Healthcare has made massive strides in providing healthcare and support to a vulnerable population group that often falls through the cracks of the health system. This is a patient[…]

Alternatives to discharging people who are homeless to the street….

 Background People experiencing homelessness are heavy users of the health system, frequently presenting to Emergency Departments with acute health issues that often result in lengthy hospital admissions. WA Health data shows that the average length of stay for patients with no fixed address is double that of general population – the lack of suitable accommodation[…]