May 29, 2018

Thank you

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Homeless Healthcare provides a range of healthcare services to people experiencing homelessness in Perth, Western Australia. On any given night approximately 10,000 people in Perth are homeless, hard to believe in a state that is so rich with resources.

Once a person becomes homeless their health deteriorates rapidly. The health of homeless people is characterised by multiple chronic health conditions including mental health, physical health and drug and alcohol problems.With deteriorating health, opportunities for employment and further education are reduced thus exacerbating the cycle of homelessness and settling a person up for a lifetime of unsafe, insecure and inadequate housing.

Homeless Healthcare works collaboratively and has extensive partnerships throughout the homelessness sector. We have long experience in providing healthcare to homeless people, our staff are experienced with the medical complexity of homeless people, aware of potential behavioural health issues and respectful of their struggles.

Thank you for your support. With it, we hope to be an instrumental part of breaking the cycle of homelessness.