Hospital discharges to’s a much better way

Accompanying an article published in The Conversation 14 November 2018 by our UWA research collaborator, Lisa Wood, the Editor noted that:

“Life on the street is no place to recover from a stay in hospital, yet it happens to many people who are homeless. But, writes Lisa Wood, there’s a proven model of medical respite centres to provide care and support. Better yet, it delivers long-term healthcare cost savings. So why does Australia have so few of these centres?”

The article draws on Jim O’Connell’s recent visit to Perth and what we can learn from the US experiences of medical respite centers for people who are homeless.  The article also refers to the work Homeless Healthcare and others are doing to get a Medical Recovery Centre established in Perth.

read the article in The Conversation here:

watch a short video clip with Dr Jim O’Connell from the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) explaining what a medical recovery centre is and how the concept began

watch a short video of Jim O’Connell talking about the great work being done to improve the health of people who are homeless in Perth, and why a Medical Recovery Centre is the missing piece

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