February 12, 2015


There are a number of homeless people that either have unstable housing or are in longer term hostel care.

Short-term supported housing, often limited to 3 months, is available to homeless people while more stable housing is found for those that can afford it.

Some of the hostels providing longer term housing serve a particular section of the population such as those who have mental illness or are elderly.

Homeless Healthcare (Mobile GP) operates a number of clinics in these facilities to improve the health of residents and to help facilitate them moving into the wider community if appropriate.


Clinic Timetable

Harmony Place
   Womens Shelter
    Wednesdays   1.00pm-4pm
St Bartholomews   7 Lime Street, East Perth, W.A. 6004
    Monday   12.00pm-3pm
Beacon   9 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, W.A. 6003
    Wednesday   2.00pm-5pm